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Finding the right attorney to represent your best interests is a critical decision. You want a compassionate and dedicated legal professional who will work diligently on your behalf, especially for Criminal Defense and Family Law cases. In Punta Gorda, FL, people find that right attorney at the Law Office of Martina Hedvicek, P.A.

Law Office of Martina Hedvicek, P.A.

Legal services provided at the Law Office of Martina Hedvicek, P.A., are client focused and results driven. We serve the people of Charlotte, Lee, Sarasota and DeSoto Counties with experienced legal advice and representation in the areas of Criminal Defense and Family Law. Our goal is to work closely with our clients, helping them to achieve optimum results.

Attorney Martina Hedvicek

Attorney Hedvicek has been licensed to practice law in Florida for 9 years, since 2007. She has a long history of success helping clients with Criminal Defense and Family Law cases. She offers a free consultation, and speaks English and Czech languages.

Attorney Hedvicek graduated from the St. Thomas University School of Law with her Juris Doctor Law Degree in 2006. She served for seven years as Assistant State Attorney with the State Attorney’s Office 20th Circuit, prior to opening her solo law practice office in Punta Gorda, FL, in 2015.

Florida Criminal Defense

If you are convicted of a minor misdemeanor, a felony or a major crime in Florida, it will affect your entire future and may restrict your freedom. We are diligent in cases of Criminal Defense as we work hard for your clients to protect their freedom and futures. Attorney Hedvicek has extensive trial experience with criminal cases and she knows how to present the best possible arguments for defense.

Traffic tickets, theft, fraud and domestic violence are just a few types of cases we have won for our clients. No matter how serious the charge, it is important to have an experienced attorney working on your behalf for best results.

Family Law Attorney

Hedvicek understands the emotional and financial toll that accompanies Family Law cases. She works closely with clients to help them reach their individual goals, always keeping the best interests of minor children a priority. Some people settle their differences out of court, while others continue as they decide to obtain a Divorce, Separation or to get protection against Domestic Violence. Many family issues are regulated by Florida Family Law. Do not delay in getting professional legal advice and representation to resolve these matters.

Get the legal advice, counsel and representation you need today, at the Law Office of Martina Hedvicek, P.A., in Punta Gorda, FL. Call now, (941) 347-7800.

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